Act of love, 1992

Act of Love is an inventory of the practice of and standpoints on female circumcision amongst African migrants in Europe. This film has a duration of 45 minutes.

Margaret Mead Film Festival

As engaging as many of the works are in a typical Mead Film Festival, not all offerings are suited to all viewers. Some of this year’s selections contained imagery that is disturbing and even shocking. Not gratuitously, but because their topics make such treatment necessary.

Act of love

One such film is “Act of love”, directed by Karin Junger, whose compassionate study of African Female circumcision combines interviews with small amounts of graphic footage


  • Country of production: Netherlands
  • Director: Karin Junger
  • Cinematography: Uta Schützendorf, Brigit Hillenius
  • Sound: Christine van Rhoon
  • Editor: Leo de Boer
  • Production: Humanistische Omroep