A better life, 2008

Een beter leven

There is a lot of controversy about Moroccans in The Netherlands. The documentary ‘A better life’ shows the experiences of the first migrants and their sons. How difficult was it to build a new life in a foreign country, alone and far from wife and kids?

Personal and emotional conversations

Fathers and sons tell about it in very personal and emotional conversations. In the film we also see well known Dutch-Moroccan rapper Salah Edin as he helps one of the sons to produce a rap about his father’s journey. The definitive version is performed in the film.



  • Producer: Karin Junger
  • Recording: Brigit Hillenius, Peter Lataster.
  • Sound: Joris van Ballegoije , Gertjan Miedema, Bouwe Mulder.
  • Editor: Danniel Danniel
  • Producer: Suzanne Van Voorst for IDTV docs in co-production with IKON

beter leven documentary