The price of cotton, 2005

Documentary about the international cotton market and the disastrous consequences for cotton farmers both in Texas USA as in Mali, West Africa. They are competing with each other on the same market although their position differ totally. This documentary is part of a series : A DOLLAR A DAY, that provides a true insight into the complex nature of poverty.

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Price of cotton

Government subsidies, overproduction, and even currency exchange rates are steadily depressing the price of cotton worldwide. Ultimately, it is farmers living in places like Mali and Texas who are impacted the most. But can they do anything to change the situation?

Price of cotton

Ibrahim Coulibaly

This film follows activist farmer Ibrahim Coulibaly’s efforts to gain access to markets by turning many small voices into a loud, international demand for fair trade. As he educates small cotton farmers like Sedu Dembele in Mali about global organizations such as the WTO, which he believes are driving them under, second generation cotton farmers in Texas worry about the gathering international storm around their subsidies, which represent their means of survival.


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