Documentary about foreign radio stations and their listeners in Amsterdam.

Every group in Amsterdam can buy radio-broadcasting time for a handful of Euros – as long as the programs are not commercial and do not discriminate against people. For many nationalities in Amsterdam, these radio broadcasts constitute an important bond with their culture. Director Karin Junger films in the studios of radio stations like I Care Radio, but also at home with listeners, who discuss the issues put forward by the radio and call the studio to react. Junger links the programmes by for example Chinese and Surinam stations with the shared theme `love’. The programmes address issues that are especially important to these groups, like forced marriage, sending money to relatives in the motherland and mixed relationships. Musicians and even a radio play in the studio enliven the broadcasts. In between, the camera pans across the roofs of the Dutch neighbourhoods where these radio stations are received.

Supported by

  • NCRV Television
  • NPO Fund


  • Directed by: Karin Junger
  • Production company: Visser & Van Rijckevorsel Filmprodukties
  • Coproducers: NCRV
  • Line Producer: Manu Hartsuyker
  • Cinematography: Peter Brugman & Brigit Hillenius
  • Sound: Mark Wessner & Charles Kersten
  • Editor: Maaik Krijgsman



Dutch Film Festival