In silence


Documentary about unmarried mothers in the 60’s who were forced to give away their baby directly after giving birth.

Will van Sebille, 47-years old mother, is a writer, married, mother of two daughters and apparently leading a happy life. But she has been carrying a secret for years: as a 17-year-old girl, she renounced a son in 1967. IN ALL THE SILENCE takes us back to 1967. The family is considered the cornerstone of society and single motherhood a disgrace. Not only from a moral point of view, by the way, a scientific standard work of the time describes out-of-wedlock pregnancies as “a danger to mental health”. Young girls who are pregnant are therefore strongly advised to ‘voluntarily renounce’ their child. Will van Sebille’s story shows that there are a lot of question marks about this emphasis on voluntariness.


Supported by

  • NCRV Television
  • NPO Fund


  • Directed by: Karin Junger and Leo de Boer
  • Production company: Visser & Van Rijckevorsel Filmprodukties and NCRV
  • Producers: Jeroen Visser for Visser & Van Rijckevorsel, Micaela van Rijckevorsel
  • Cinematography: Peter Brugman
  • Sound: Bouwe Mulder
  • Editor: Leo de Boer


  • Visser & Van Rijckevorsel



Premiere IDFA