Gangsta Blues, 2006

Bolletjes Blues

GANGSTA BLUES! is about the Surinam Spike who on a youthful age comes to the Netherlands to follow an education. He does not feel at home, living with his sick aunt and being called regularly by his mother begging him for money. He ends up in the world of blingbling, where everything is about doekoe (money) and status.

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When he falls in love with the daughter of a shop holder, Rosalie, Spike thinks she only wants him if he has money. To impress her he joins Delano’s gang, where he earns some pocket money with small criminal jobs. To escape this hopeless situation he decides to work as a drugs courier to make a big deal. With this money he can start a normal existence with the love of his life Rosalie. But his trip to Suriname turns out different than planned.
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  • Distributor: Buena Vista International – THE DVD IS AVAILABLE IN DUTCH STORES
  • Producer: Dutch Mountain Movies
  • Director: Karin Junger
  • Author: Karin Junger en Brigit Hillenius
  • Co-production: RVU
  • Cast: Negativ, Sophie van Oers, Raymzter, SugaCane, Mr Probz, Kimo, Derenzo, Goldy

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